Tandur Grey

It is softer material than the north indian Kota Blue limestone but due to its greyish tone, it is very popular for interior & exterior paving, wall cladding & facades of buildings. It can not be polished well but can be used with other finishes like natural, tumbled, honed.

Tandoor grey Limestone is ideal for low budget flooring and pathways as building material.Lime grey or Tandoor Grey limestone is a grayish blue limestone . The stone, Owing to an excellent structure and strength of the stone it has been used as an architectural stone in many important projects all over the world. Tandoor Grey stone is such a natural stone that would mesmerize you with its beauty anywhere, flooring, wall claddings, cobbles and exteriors.

Tandoor Grey limestone is easier to cut and carve & could be comfortably used as patios and pavements. It is also perfect for wall cladding, entrance doorway, patio, paving, etc. Tandoor Grey is available in different finishes, shapes and sizes depending upon the sizes required by the customers.

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