Paradiso Classic

Paradiso Classico is a grey burgundy Granite from India. In natural stone trade, Our ranges of Paradiso Classico Granite are hard and durable. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to the applicable area. This Paradiso Classico Granite can be available in varied sizes and at affordable price. Our array of granites is widely acclaimed for uniformity and optimum compressive strength. There are different colors of Paradiso granite, some lighter and some darker (like the photo above). They are sometimes called Paradiso Dark and Paradiso Classico. I’ll be showing the range of Paradiso in this post. Paradiso is black and grey with purple, red and sometimes brown veining. This granite generally has a lot of movement. Paradiso is a hard and dense granite. So it’s a great granite color for outdoor applications, even in areas with freeze/ thaw conditions. It’s actually what is on the exterior of my husband’s office building here in Utah. I quiz him on what it’s called every once in awhile and he never remembers. The look of this granite is dark in color, with gray and violet miniature spots. This looks at its best when it’s glossy, honed or flamed. Paradiso Classico Granite is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our Paradiso classico granite stones are available in various shades of brown and gray colors with wavy patterns of white, black and gold colors.